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Creators for a Change! Art & Theatre Kick-Off through the pandemic Against hate! Kunstausstellungs- und PerformanceAktionswochen vom 01.06.- 31.07.2022

With this special kick-off, the project "Why should I care about your history?" was reactivated and concluded in person after the COVID-19 restrictions. Additionally, all previous and new participants came together after two years of the pandemic to explore new forms of collaborative work, ensuring the professionalization of all upcoming endeavors.

This allowed for successful and quality assurance for the launch of the major bilateral prevention campaign "Where does the hate come from?" in 2022, which transitioned into the Architecture of Hope campaign in 2023, providing a new level of intensity.

Under the guidance of professional artists, youth from Sderot and Rahat came together in Hamburg. Jewish youth from Shaar Ha'Negev High School in Sderot, under the direction of the Jaffa Theatre, participated. And from Rahat, Arab youth from surrounding schools, assembled as a group through the Almebash Theatre in Rahat, were involved. Living just 15 minutes apart, they had to travel 4,000 km away from home to meet each other for the first time in Hamburg.



After the successful implementation of the bilateral antisemitism prevention campaign "Why should I care about your history?" in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, the campaign received multiple awards. It contributed to a sustainable shift in the engagement with German memory culture and set an innovative precedent for the opening of participatory development spaces and fostering intercultural understanding.


The alarming developments in Israel during that period (2022) and their reception in Germany underscore the need to continue and, above all, to recognize that the engagement with the Shoah and German memorial culture can no longer be thought of without considering the influence of global events and contemporary contexts.

For this reason, there is an even greater need to incorporate Israeli narratives. It is important to include both Israeli and Arab perspectives, as the waves of terrorism in Israel during that period (2022) also had repercussions on us and our youth through social media and will continue to do


Two years of pandemic contributed to widening and deepening societal divides through conspiracy theories, an increase in antisemitism, racism, and radicalization. It became even more crucial to take action to build bridges and overcome these divides!

"Creators for a Change!" is a bilateral art and theater grand project involving youth from Wilhelmsburg alongside Jewish and Arab Israelis from Sderot and Rahat. The focus was on the narratives of 16 Wilhelmsburg youth, predominantly with migration backgrounds, compared to 16 Jewish-Israeli youth from Sderot, mainly descendants of Holocaust survivors, and 16 Arab-Israeli youth from Rahat, mostly with Bedouin backgrounds.

In an artistic and aesthetic trialogue, under the guidance of professional artists from the Jaffa Theatre in Old Jaffa in collaboration with the Shar'HaNegev High School and the Almehebash Theatre in Rahat with their youth ensemble, they engaged with respective narratives on present-day conditions and historical contexts. Viewing the world from the perspective of the other was crucial in this process!

It is about opening up new narratives and approaches to decipher and understand various societal and historical contexts. The exploration of historical contexts and aspects of memory culture was grounded through cooperation with Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and various memorial sites in Germany.

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