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There is no better corner in World then our Space of Hope. With Architecture of Hope we create spaces of encounter in different ways through theater, film and art. We achieve access to each other on a different level. Always with the aim of facilitating dialog.


We capture stories of encounters. By documenting the artistic development of social projects. And capturing through images how interpersonal connections are created - we firmly believe that films offer a powerful platform for this. To promote social dialogue, touch and progress.


Amazing, all-inclusive resorts, beautiful beaches and mindfulness sessions - these are just a few of the things that will help you relax and enjoy your holiday.


Amazing, all-inclusive resorts, beautiful beaches and mindfulness sessions - these are just a few of the things that will help you relax and enjoy your holiday.


من أين تأتي الكراهية؟

„Where does the hate come from?“

מאיפה השנאה הזאת؟

Relativization of the Shoah, conspiracy narratives, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia. Where does the hatred that underlies such democracy-weakening phenomena come from? How can we confront them? To explore these questions further, @wherehate, the bilateral art and theater project brought together students and young people from Hamburg Wilhelmsburg with Jewish and Arab Israelis of the same age from Sderot and Rahat in southern Israel. In joint workshops in Germany and Israel, under the guidance of professional artists and educators, the young people explored identity, belonging, racism, anti-Semitism, memory culture, in the historical and social contexts of both countries. Together, they created theater performances that were performed several times in public in Hamburg and Jaffa. An exhibition in Tel Aviv, a flash mob in Jerusalem and performances in both countries followed. 🎭

The highest Award by the & Stiftung Deutsch-Israelisches Zukunftsforum (DIZF) | פורום העתיד גרמניה-ישראל in German-Israeli relationship goes to our team:

Helmut Schmidt Gymnasium Shaar HaNegev (High-school) Almehbash-المهباش Theatre Jaffa Theatre תיאטרון יפו مسرح يافا We thank all our supporters for making this project after the pandemic in 2022 possible! ZEIT STIFTUNG BUCERIUS ConAct –

Koordinierungszentrum Deutsch-Israelischer Jugendaustausch

ABC Bildungs - und Tagungszentrum

Behörde für Kultur und Medien

Behörde für Schule und Berufsbildung

Monsun Theater Goethe-Institut Deutschland Goethe Institut Israel Institut für Konstruktive Konfliktaustragung und Mediation Barlach Halle K Abraham Tel Aviv.

BERTINI Prize 2023 - Helmut Schmidt High School

33 pupils from the Helmut-Schmidt-Gymnasium in Wilhelmsburg joined forces with Jewish and Arab young people to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim racism in various projects as part of their "Architecture of Hope" campaign. After the Hamas attack on Israel, their commitment was shaken, but not stopped.

They addressed the history of the Holocaust and campaigned against anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim racism. They wanted to build bridges in Hamburg, Israel and Spain. 33 pupils from the Helmut-Schmidt-Gymnasium joined forces with 16 Jewish and 16 Arab young people from Israel in their "Architecture of Hope" campaign to jointly develop a path of hope for peaceful coexistence.

"With our campaign, we have created a space for encounters that we continue to keep open, even in times of darkness and speechlessness"

Nastaran Amiry (17)



Is it possible for culture to overcome hatred? Twist" meets the artist Aida Sehovic and Jasminko Halilovic, director of the War Childhood Museum, in Sarajevo. "Twist" presents the new book "Hass" by author Seyda Kurt and shows how choreographer Jeny BSG from Brussels dances away prejudice. And the programme accompanies theatre maker Hedi Bouden to Auschwitz with young people.

It is one of the strongest feelings we know: hatred. Can culture help us overcome it? "TWIST" visits Sarajevo - a city where the wounds of the Bosnian war are still present. The War Childhood Museum in Sarajevo is the first museum in the world dedicated exclusively to children's experiences of war. Can a museum help to overcome trauma? The idea for the museum came from Jasminko Halilovic, who was a war child himself. The artist Aida Sehovic was 15 when the war broke out in Bosnia. With an installation of thousands of mocha cups, she commemorates the victims of the genocide in Srebrenica, where more than 8,000 Muslim boys and men were murdered by Serbian war criminals in July 1995. The dancer Jeny BSG from Brussels' problem neighbourhood Molenbeek has Congolese roots. She dances away prejudice and doesn't give hate a chance. 1.8 million people follow her on Instagram. "TWIST" talks to author Seyda Kurt about whether hate has such a bad reputation for no good reason. In her new book "Hate", she explores the power of a resistant emotion. For her, hate is not necessarily bad, but can be a means of empowerment for oppressed people. Educating children and young people to become tolerant adults so that hate no longer has a chance in the future: Teacher Hedi Bouden travels with young people from Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg to Israel, Palestine and now Auschwitz and works with them to create theatre plays on the question of where hatred comes from and how it can be combated.

Culture magazine (D 2023, 30 min)

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